As little as $350 can put you on the World Wide Web with a Home Page promoting your business and two more pages to sell your image and/or products!

We can help you get your Domain Name (that's a "Dot.Com" name) for two years for $40 and you own it! We web host for $15 a month, too!!

Get ahead of your competition with your own web site! You've wanted a site but thought it would cost too much. Now, ABCs of Advertising will design a professional site and upload it to our server for a lot less than you thought!

Whether it's a single page site (as is this) or multi-page, service or commerce-oriented, maybe a web-based resumé, or a family Home Page, ABCs will provide a profession approach to your design needs. Your site can be basic or the center of information with many links to your original articles and to other web sites used to enhance your business or service. Pages can be hand-coded by a Certified Web master for a more professional appearance as is this page. You might want to sample some of our sites shown on the blue menu to the right.

Of course, the complexity of your site will determine the amount you'll want to invest. If a larger Internet site is warranted, terms will be considered. But, realize you can create your site in phases rather than having to spend a lot all at one time. ABCs of Advertising's careful planning and fore-thought as to what you need right now will facilitate an expandable, low-cost website for the future.

From the initial meeting, ABCs will explain where you can cut costs, manage a timeline for steady progress, anticipate for future expansion, secure additional resources for specialized programming, submit your site location to numerous WWW search engines, and provide a review prototype for your approval. We'll also check the International registry for the Domain Name you want and help you register it.

No project too large or small. Don't wait. Call now...
888/ 473-2387 or e-mail ABCs of Advertising!



As a small or medium business owner, company growth relates directly to how one advertises in the most effective way, making sure every dollar is spent wisely. In process is a book specifically designed to address these issues one-on-one.

Each chapter is written in everyday language, simply explaining what to look for in local advertising and how it can best be applied to your business. It hones in on the media to look for in your market to reach those most influenced specifically by your product or business.

Once the best media is found, this book will clearly inform you of the most effective ways to place that advertising, get the ad design you want, and how much you need to spend to get the results. It'll show you how to make the advertising company work for you!

If you're unsure of what it takes to make your advertising effective, you'll find it in these pages. Other books say they help, but they give generic examples to fit all markets. This book will relate to only small and medium markets.

Watch for the announcement of this book!


ABCs of Advertising has a vast background in all types of advertising. We are qualified to consult your business in all media. Our experience has spanned more than 20 years in Northern Colorado & Cheyenne.

ABCs will help you formulate your business ad budget as well as consult with you about the best media buys around Fort Collins and Cheyenne.

Is the Coloradoan really the best print vehicle for your products? What size should your ads be and how often should it run? Is the Trader the best buy in Cheyenne?

Which radio station will give you the best results and should you buy more than one station? How many ads are really effective in reaching your prospective clients. Is there a better time of day to air them? Radio remotes cost a they get you results?

Direct mail is popular, but are coupons better than door hangers?. Would your message work on city bus billboards? Have you tried telemarketing?

Would "E-Commerce" or selling your products through the Internet increase your profits? Internet exposure is the marketing future for your company. Do you have a website yet?

Which of all these choices should you consider first?

ABCs can help you determine these answers. We will work with you in a professional, friendly manner to sort it all out. We listen! Call 888/ 473-2387
or e-mail ABCs of advertising!

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  • Marketing - All aspects of producing the best results from the least amount of your dollars.
    We know the Fort Collins and Cheyenne markets and how to create traffic for your product or business.
  • Web Design - Hand-coded Internet designs as is this site!
  • Desktop Publishing - From fliers, resumés, brochures, to financial prospectus
  • Broadcasting - Writing, producing, and voice-overs for TV & Radio commercials
  • Newspaper - Creating and publishing commercial ads for tabs and sections
  • Direct Mail Envelope - Creating commercial coupon ads for mailing
  • Direct Mail Shopper - Develop campaigns and create commercial ads for mailing
  • Tenured College Teaching - Consulting one-on-one or before large groups

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